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How It Works

Joining Bron Rewards is super simple - Just download the app, take photos of your receipts and the points will automatically be added to your account!

Scan Receipts

Open the app and take photos of your receipts. Make sure your receipts are not older than one week.

Earn Points

Once your receipts are processed and validated, the points will automatically be credited to your account.


Accumulate as many points as you can and redeem them for a voucher at your favourite store.

Watch how to start now

Getting Started: Watch our explainer video that will guide you step by step on how to scan receipts!

Earn even more by sharing your opinion!

Ever wished you could tell a brand whether you like their product or not and get rewarded for the feedback? Well now you can!

Share your opinion on the products you buy and earn more with Bron Rewards! Brands will then reward you with points or products. Base on these questions you might also be elected to participate in qualitative panels and earn even more.



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Our Faqs

Have more questions? Check out our knowledge centre or
email us at [email protected]


What are the receipts you accept?

We accept receipts that are issued by an in-store POS terminal at the most popular Australian stores. All the stores are listed in the app. You can also find the full list here.

Why was my receipt was rejected?

Here are some reasons why a receipt can be rejected:

Duplicate Submissions : Submissions that are deteced as duplicates will be automatically rejected by our system.
Missing Information : Receipts need to have DATE, TIME, STORE NAME, TOTAL AMOUNT. We need this field to verify the receipt.
Receipt Quality : Receipts won't be accepted if they are blurry or faded.
Receipt Expired : We don't accept receipts that are older than 7 days.
Receipt Ineligible : We only accept receipts that are from our featured stores, listed above
Business Purchases : We currently don't accept purchases that are used for business purposes

We try to catch all the instances of potential fraud and irregularities when you submit the receipts. Please note that we will run all of your claims through a fraud detection algorithm once you redeem cash/voucher and if we detect any irregularities we will deduct the points from your account and we will not grant you the redeemed cash/voucher.

When can I redeem my points?

In order to redeem cash, your account must hold at least $20 worth of points before withdrawal. You can withdrawal cash by 1st December 2018 .
You can redeem a voucher/gift card as soon as you have enough bron points in your account for that particular voucher/gift card.

Please note that we will run all of your claims through a fraud detection algorithm once you redeem cash/voucher and if we detect any irregularities we will deduct the points from your account that we believe were not earned in accordance to our Terms of Use (e.g. submitting receipts that were not personal, submitting fake receipts, submitting business receipts).

How does Bron Rewards use my data?

The security and privacy of your information is our top priority, any insight that we do develop are anonymized and will never reveal any identifiable personal information. We mainly use the receipts for research, studying the consumer market and developing market insights.

We use the insights to:
- Research for consumer preference and opinions
- Training Machine learning algorithms to read data directly from receipts,
- Training algorithms to discover consumer preference and optimize offers,
- Net Promoter Scores of different vendors across Australia,
- Helping Brands to understand what consumers think of their products,
- Helping stores and brands to attract customers to try their product by listing a Special Offer in the app,
- Analyse the consumer awareness of a particular product.

Is there any limitation on the points I can claim?

Yes, there are certain limits:
- you can claim 2,500 points per receipt,
- you can claim 3,000 points in total per week and
- you can claim 150 points per fuel receipt.

Do the Bron Points expire?

Yes, Bron Points expire at the end of each calendar year.
Please redeem your points before 31st December of the year.

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You can also send us an email at [email protected].


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